Loves of Nick Thompson

Nick Thompson

Director chap

Loves: Making manufacturing  work

Grumps: Things not working

Favourite time: My kids being born and with family

Would most like to have met: My Grandfather

Loves of Martin Thompson, Director

Martin Thompson

Director guy

Loves: Yoga, making bad jokes and going to see his beloved spurs

Grumps: When its wet and windy

Favourite time: Agree with Nick!

Would most like to meet: Julia Roberts

Loves of Ken Beresford

Ken Beresford

Sales Dude

Loves: Learning new stuff, gel ink pens and Sheffield Wednesday F.C.

Grumps: Small mindedness, Sheffield United F.C and supermarket self checkouts

Favourite time: Spring time

Would most like to meet: Michael Palin

Loves of Sharon Lakey

Sharon Lakey

mrs sample

Loves: Running (Parkrun and with Norwich Road Runners)…’me time’

Grumps:People that can’t park properly, it’s not difficult!

Favourite time: Spending time with my family and friends

Would most like to meet: Ooo that’s a big decision!

Loves of Jamie Poll

Jamie Poll

Logistics Man

Loves: My little Family

Grumps: Hospitals, doctors, dentists and injections!!!

Favourite time: Holiday time in the sun with me wife (common-law lol) and daughter & Stella o clock

Would most like to meet: Chris Moyles and Julia Roberts

Loves of Roz Thompson

Roz Thompson

money penny

Loves: Spending time with my grandchildren at the seaside

Grumps: Artificial plugin household fragrances

Favourite time: Family holidays

Would most like to meet: My family all the time

Loves of Luke Thompson

Luke Thompson

Admin King

Loves: Running, Spurs, Fried chicken and my Family

Grumps: Web guy asking me to fill this out!

Favourite time: 5pm weekdays

Would most like to meet: 

Loves of Rubber Ducky MASCOT Thompson Packaging team

Rubber Ducky


Loves: The rain, puddles and making a splash

Grumps: Dry weather

Favourite time: Racing other ducks and travel

Would most like to meet: Daffy Duck