Bespoke design packaging

wine packing

Promoting your brand

Thompson Packaging manufactures printed boxes.

This is a great way to draw attention to your brand and promote your product.

We can help you to create an eye-catching design for your cartons so that you’ll stand out amongst the competition.

Design and artwork

Design Service

Using our designers

Our design service also offers artwork and colour proposals. If you’re providing us with your own design, we will lay it out for print, and provide you with a PDF proof you’re your approval.

Working to best sustainable standards our artwork is delivered via email and we go straight from computer to plate. Corrugated board is recyclable and our inks are water based.

Printing and Die cutting

flexo corrugated

Flexographic printing

Vast numbers of corrugated boxes are printed by flexographic printing methods. We only use inks that can be broken down in water that to help aid with recycling. Our designers and plate makers position artwork in appropriately to the cutter guides. This is in order for us to gain your approval for perfectly accurate layouts. We run standard boxes through our case making machinery or we bespoke cut using a unique cutting die, designed to fit your specification and design. 

Die cut packaging requires skill and attention to detail. Our team of experienced experts are here to meet those requirements.