Our expertly-trained designers share over 40 years of product-design experience; together they hold several International StarPack awards, making them among the most qualified and knowledgeable corrugated designers in the industry. 

Our expertly trained designers share over 40 years product design experience


Through an initial consultation, our team will gain an understanding of your requirements regarding budget, functionality, strength and durability. They will advise the most suitable material and design from which to create an initial sample for you to trial. Samples are created in house using the latest CAD packaging design software and hardware and then cut on our large format computer-operated table.

Providing you with a sample is crucial in establishing the fit, design and functionality of the carton.


Providing you with a sample is crucial in establishing the fit, design and functionality of the carton. A sample enables you to effectively trial the carton, whether it be for quick packing, product safety or fit – this process is essential in ensuring you are happy with the product. Production is not scheduled until final customer approval has been confirmed.

What is packaging design?

Whether it’s quality wine boxes for online delivery, trays for retail, furniture flat packs or on shelf presentation and gift boxes, corrugated packaging is the perfect choice. It’s entirely recyclable into more cardboard, you’ll cut out plastics and it’s more economical.

How do you choose the right style packaging that works with your product?

Packaging design covers an incredibly vast range of products. Every product has a packaging solution. Are designers work with production engineers to meet the best style, bespoke or standard, aesthetically matching brand and product protection.  

What kind of corrugated material to use?

Corrugated material has several thicknesses and finishes, from a 2 mm white-faced corrugated board used for small presentation packs, to wine retail boxes of 5mm double thickness with internal fitments of a similar material. Our experience means we can advise you on things like the best materials for stacking or retail-ready solutions. Each design will be mocked up and supplied for your consideration, in the right thickness of material for your products.

What is the best economical design style for your product?

The most economical design considers how the pack is palletised, displayed, used by retail, and consolidates size and packing. Our designers and professional staff will help you make the right choice for your packing use.

To summarise, our designers help to look at:

  • Materials used
  • Functionality
  • Durability
  • Weight
  • Shipping standards