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Providing you with a sample is crucial in establishing the fit, design and functionality of the carton.

Who we are and what we do

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Our team is an independent, family-run corrugated-packaging manufacturer supplying businesses throughout Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire and Essex since 1984 from our factory in Norwich.

Thompson’s bespoke in-house design team service tailors unique packaging to your exact specifications. Our team will help you consolidate your packaging so you get the best product. This increases your efficiency, saves you money, storage and time with assembly; our samples and costs are supplied free of charge.

Corrugated boxes are exceptionally sturdy and suit a great variety of products; they are the perfect alternative to plastic packaging and are not only reusable but environmentally and ecologically friendly. They are the most practical solution for transiting goods from point A to B, keeping your products at their best.

Why we are pretty good

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Our products range from seasonal boxes and trays for food and agricultural suppliers, online retail and supermarket SRP packs to standard cartons for removals and the food and beverage sector. There are no limitations to our team with design; our expert designers will create the perfect carton to suit your needs.

With our team of in-house flexographic printing as standard, we can advise you how best to showcase your brand and gain product awareness cost-effectively. A digitally printed, pre-production sample is the perfect way to visualise your post-production outcome prior to committing to tooling.

At Thompson Packaging, we’re passionate about the environment and the need to look after and preserve our planet. By choosing ecological alternatives, such as buying locally, we can all reduce our carbon footprint. 

Buying locally has a positive effect on our planet by reducing carbon emissions, it also saves you transportation costs and helps to support the local economy. In addition, our board material derives from sustainable sources and is fully recyclable. 

Why corrugated packaging makes sense

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Corrugated paper packaging comprises 88% recycled content; additional fresh fibres come from sustainably managed forests. While corrugated packaging makes the best use of secondary raw materials, we help by collecting excess waste board – not only to ensure high-quality material for recycling but also because we want every fibre back.

Did you know, corrugated board can be recycled and reused 25 times with the addition of sustainable Kraft linings to maintain its strength and durability?

Our packaging production adheres to strict standards accredited with BRC, an international Food Safety Management Systems standard. The BRC oversees annual testing and certification of food suppliers; accreditation means we can manufacture boxes for the food and drink industries. Your boxes will arrive flat-packed and palletised to suit your warehousing guidelines. Should you have delivery preferences, we will always work to suit your requirements.

Contact us now for a free, no-obligation quote and sample. We would be delighted to offer help and advice on your packaging requirements.